State Approved
Just $25
The lowest Cost Allowed by the State!
Free Video!
State Approved to Dismiss your ticket!
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Free Video
Other online schools charge extra to watch videos or hear audio with their course.
With Lone Star, you get everything including audio and video for only $25.
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No Final Exam
Simply answer a short quiz at the end of each section.
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Always Pass
Miss a few questions? No worries.
Re-watch a section and re-test until you pass the course.
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Texas Department of Licensing and Registration Approved

Just $25!

While most sites will charge up to $10 more for video we give you HD Audio and Video Free!

6 Hour Couse

The shortest course and lowest price allowed by law

Dissmiss your ticket

TDLR Approved to Dissmiss your ticket CP246 School C3011